Our Story

Call & Jensen opened its doors in 1981 with the ambition to become the most well respected litigation boutique in California. More than thirty years later, the Firm’s ambition remains unchanged. What has changed, however, is the proximity between ambition and realization. Today, Call & Jensen boasts Ivy League graduates, judicial clerks, and published authors among its twenty plus lawyers. Its clients include some of the largest companies in the world. The Firm’s litigation record similarly belies its modest size. In addition to countless defense verdicts and judgments, Call & Jensen has also obtained seven and eight figure verdicts, judgments, and settlements when representing selective clients as plaintiffs.

Beyond the tangible metrics of success, Call & Jensen is devoted to specific principles and values. These principles and values are what make the Firm – not only successful – but unique:


Call & Jensen has its clients identify their specific goals and objectives at the outset of each case. Some cases need to go to trial. Many do not. The Firm tailors and executes strategies that turn these objectives into reality.


Why propound twenty interrogatories when you can propound two thousand? Unfortunately, that is the thinking of many law firms today. Scorched earth litigation has somehow evolved from a term of disgrace to a badge of honor. Cases can be complex and often merit a great deal of work. When a lawyer or law firm engages in tactics that are paper intensive but substantively irrelevant, the victim suffering the most harm is the client. Call & Jensen disavows any tactics that stray from the merits of the case or the client’s objective.


Call & Jensen is steadfastly protective of its culture. Beyond legal excellence in the courtroom, its lawyers must endorse and manifest the Firm’s values. Call & Jensen believes that such professionalism can only be verified from years of working together, and it therefore seeks to promote from within.

Aggressive When Necessary. Always Civilized.

Lawyers who practice with excellence know the distinction between disagreeing and being disagreeable. In litigation, the former is inevitable but the latter is not. Call & Jensen recognizes that its lawyers’ conduct must reflect the well-earned reputation of the clients it represents..

Resolve the Case. Create a Partnership.

Call & Jensen has had the privilege of serving most of its clients for many years. When a new client hires the Firm, the goal is to create a similarly longstanding relationship. Call & Jensen understands that victory in the courtroom is necessary, but not sufficient. Its lawyers must likewise prove themselves as professional, dedicated, and efficient advocates.