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June 1, 2015


Call & Jensen’s trial team secured a resounding and complete victory over a predatory ADA plaintiff who had targeted 7-Eleven stores for years throughout the entire State of Florida in lawsuits claiming that he was a victim of disability/access discrimination. The Florida victories began when the firm obtained a dismissal victory for its client 7-Eleven. Following his initial defeat, Plaintiff, an unemployed professional ADA plaintiff with hundreds of lawsuits filed in his name, appealed to the Eleventh Circuit. Plaintiff and his counsel continued to target 7-Eleven, “doubling down” by filing additional litigation against dozens of 7-Eleven stores. However, Call & Jensen, whose attorneys have never lost an ADA trial, confronted and exposed Plaintiff during a three-week trial. In its final order, the Court specifically noted that Call & Jensen’s aggressive cross-examination of Plaintiff was “meticulous,” adding that Call & Jensen shareholder Ryan McNamara “continually impeached Plaintiff with nearly every question asked” during hours of cross-examination. Call & Jensen’s trial presentation convinced the Court that “Plaintiff lacks a modicum of credibility.” Plaintiff was forced to admit that testimony he had offered under penalty of perjury was “blatantly false” and, accordingly, the Court dismissed his lawsuit for lack of standing.

Following Call & Jensen’s dominant trial victory, Plaintiff and his counsel dismissed all other pending litigation against the firm’s client 7-Eleven and, additionally, abandoned their appeal of Call & Jensen’s initial victory.

Call & Jensen’s winning trial team consisted of Julie Trotter, Ryan McNamara, Kent Christensen, and paralegal Brittany Davison.