September 1, 2015

Dismissal: C&J Forces Franchisee Plaintiff To Dismiss Case After Admitting To Perjury

Through strategic litigation, Call & Jensen recently forced a former franchisee of 7-Eleven, Inc. to dismiss its lawsuit with prejudice. The franchisee plaintiffs not only filed suit for breach of the Franchise Relations Act, fraudulent inducement, and false imprisonment, but also involved the media and picketed a 7-Eleven store in an attempt to dirty 7-Eleven’s image. During deposition, Call & Jensen attorneys forced the plaintiffs to admit that the key allegations in three separate verified complaints were false. Call & Jensen then sought sanctions against the plaintiffs and their counsel. Ultimately, plaintiffs dismissed their complaint with prejudice. The Call & Jensen team consisted of Mark Eisenhut and Kent Christensen. Call & Jensen regularly represents franchisors in business matters, franchise disputes, employee, and access litigation.