December 17, 2008

Defense Victory: Unanimous Verdict After 18 Minutes Of Jury Deliberation

After only 18 minutes of deliberation, the jury returned with a unanimous verdict in favor of Call & Jensen's client and rejected the Plaintiff's claims that he had encountered discriminatory barriers within an Orange County Del Taco restaurant. Call & Jensen exposed the Plaintiff, who had filed approximately 200 identical lawsuits against California businesses and restaurants within one year, to the members of the jury – who reported that their unanimous defense verdict was reached “after 15 minutes of picking a foreman and 3 minutes of expressing shared outrage [at the Plaintiff]”. After Call & Jensen aggressively pursued and was awarded its client’s litigation costs, the Plaintiff quickly dismissed 4 additional lawsuits against the company. Call & Jensen's victory was highlighted by the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, CNN, as well as the KFI•AM 640 radio program “The John & Ken Show.”

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